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Windows, yes. We pass by them, we look out of them, we look in them, we wash them, we leave them dirty. We have so many moments of our lives that have come through windows. All facets of our lives are transmitted through windows - through glass - and glass itself has it's own mystery as it is scientifically speaking, a ligquid and a solid at the same time.

These days, I am treated, blessed, inspired by many windows. Windows which appear in my life as I follow the path. Yes, I follow paths - I have learned to listen, I have learned to see, I have learned to pay attention and have learned to accept ( well I contlnue to improve) joy. And, most of all, these glass structures demonstrate and define the miracles that are constantly opening my awareness.

Such beauty, such surprise. I did not ask to be here - in front of these windows - and yet here they are. All part of a mosaic of creation which continues to surprise and support everything I do. When one moves, as I have, one can be initially isolated. My experience has been one of a deeply moving experience of welcome and community coupled with the most extraordinarily expanding experiences.

With each shift of position - another facet is revealed.

And each boisterously effervescent reality is readily experienced - IF we take the time.

Every blink of the eye changes the kaleidoscopic realities available to us.

Whether we focus near or far - there is no lack of creative nurturing immediately available.

And of course, the view is simply spectacular for a very simple reason.

Magical love is as plentiful as this snowy wooden weave. It is so easy to take this type of scene for granted. Yet, I can assure you - this scene doesn't take us nor itself for granted what so ever. Open to your own views, breath them in - let them heal and caress you. Take the time. You deserve it.

Thank you all for being here with me. Thomas

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