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From the age of 5 I have been involved, dedicated to, submerged in, breathing and living an extremely broad representation of performance realities, practices and experiences. 

Starting off in a very unique way, I was at first, an accordionist ( only performing "concert music  on said instrument, until well into my 20's). Then, in my early teens after being discovered by the Mahopac High School Music Dept. I was thrust into such an expansive practical experience with serious performing responsibilites, that, frankly I am one of the indicators of what high school music teachers can accomplish. 


After they put me on the stage as a soloist for all the school to see, I was then made a member of the Orchestra and Band, I had already been a member of the choir. I was tasked with learning, contrabasso, percussion, timpani, euphonium, bass drum and after about 3 months into my sophmore year, I was handed a baton and set up as asst.  conductor to all three ensembles. 

Not even the wonderful Orford's (Mr. Orford the head of the orchestra, Mrs. Orford, the head of the choir) nor Mr. Tom Readyoff head of our Concert and Marching Band could have predicted the future that even now continues to expand and unfold. 

I am and remain very grateful to all of them furthermore,  to all the subsequent great teachers that I've had. The list is exhausting and as this stie/blog evolves, we shall add more and more information. 


By the way, one of my most wonderful friends and mentors is in the above picture. Philip Glass seated with myself standing on the right in the back. The wonderful clarinet ensemble Calamus, during the workshop and premiere of Philip's work Company which I transcribed for the very deserving ensemble. The workshop was held at the Istituto Musicale Vicenzo Bellini where Philip enjoyed our efforts to bring Company to life in a new form.

There will be many more stories to come. For now, let's end with my academic credentials as they currently stand. 

Bachelor of Music Education: University of Denver

Master of Music: Voice & Opera: New England Conservatory. 

Master of Music: Orchestral Conducting: Yale University. 


Not bad for a young accordionist from the Wakefield Section of Bronx. 

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Creator & Editor-in-Chief


Conductor, Composer, Ensemble Builder, Educator, Studio Teacher, Coach, Radio Personality, Podcaster and Blogger.

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