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This little boy...

Well, this little boy above had a birthday today and will be having more birthday celebrations tomorrow and who knows, perhaps even on Sunday. It's a wonderful reality that this smiling kid has created around him. He gets to play in the forest, chop wood, use a chain saw, shovel snow, start fires sometimes 2 -3 times a day. Cook on a wood stove, sit and listen to music, read, sleep in a hammock - listen to the wind in the trees and nightly, see the universe through the incredible starry skies that manifest here in Vermont.

As you can see this little boy isn't only just a smiling dervish. He could be very serious as a child. Often people thought he was sad - it puzzled him - and as he grew up he understood that there was something about his face - and that is to say - it was quite easy for him to be serious. He had, you see, a great capacity for empathy, and so, often times he would pick up on the troubles of others and often would react to them internally. This is not to say that at this point in his life he was morose - he was not - there was a great happiness in him, a great love of life and I'm very happy to report that has all returned.

So in the words of Bugs Bunny "What's up doc!"

Thank you all for such a wonderful experience of life.

Thank you, those of you who knew this little boy, and who were so kind and supportive to him. And, most important, who helped him form the incredible memories of family and friendship that accompany him each and every day.

In closing I'd like to say this:

The other day I was watching the series Messiah on Netflix as many of you have or will. Suddenly, without my expecting it, I heard the music from Crosby, Stills and Nash's great song Carry On as a scene segued to a conclusion. It cut through me as an quaking energy from the spheres in great shining emotional color and vision.

" ....Carry on, love is coming, love is coming to us all".

Suddenly, I felt copious amounts of energy and vibration. I experienced the time simultaneously between 1970, the year of this song and the year I turned 18, and present time, as I turn 68.

Then, with a great inter-dimensional smile I heard my own voice say with other worldly joy -


Tommy (above) asks me to tell all of you - Happy Birthday to all of you whenever it's your turn.

Thank you all, as always, for being here with me today.

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1 Comment

Joseph M Russo
Joseph M Russo
Feb 01, 2020

Happy Birthday Thomas....such a wonderful post about your past and your continuing life journey....I especially like your comment "Love is already here".....I believe "Love" has always been with you on your journey.....but perhaps it is easier to see (and feel) now that your Life path has led you to a special social life and the wondrous nature all around you.......wishing you a continuing wonderful "new year" on your Life journey........ :)

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