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Projects, progetti, projetos.

Yep, I've got a lot of work to do. And, it's joyous. My timetable is my own - as long as I can negotiate the cold - handle the disarray and enjoy the process there's truly no pressure. Not true of every moment in my life, nor true of every event that I have encountered - however - it is the reality of my current existence. Flowing with the planet, stars, tectonic plates and yes, the weather.

Speaking of weather, I came into town about 30 min ago, down to our town hall - to vote. I am now a registered voter in this, my newly adopted home town. As I parked my jeep and started to alight from Turtlari ( my jeep's name), one of the local fellows who had just voted said "...where'd you get the snow?". "Cabell Road" I responded, " Oh! Yep, I believe that!" I then made a joke replaying the VPR broadcaster speaking about afternoon snow showers, while I was watching it snow on top of me bright and early this morning while just outside my cabin - ..."how about now!" I replied. (The forest didn't mind it's used to me speaking when the spirit moves me)

Yes, indeed, many say be careful what you wish for - I love snow, love cold, love the woods and love mountains and you've got it, that's where I live. At a sufficiently higher elevation than town - I get snow when other's get rain! And today it was confirmed by someone ( although I have no idea his name) who knows from years of experience.

The last two days saw a rather serious thaw - and much of the snow is gone, but there's a lot of serious ice still around my cabin. Other than that, there is a simple sprinkling now - like 10x sugar - a favorite of my grandfather Gaetano as he taught me to bake such treasures like - Ricotta Cassata Siciliana and of course, the ever favorite - Cannoli! Who knows, perhaps I'll find someone with a kitchen in my new town who allows me to mess it up to make cannoli this year. One never knows.

Now, you might think that today is only about these musings of mine. Not - at - all.

Today is a huge day - a day of great connection, a day that the universe has honored me with more connections, more support, more indications of all things possible.

I - now - have - internet :-) - Yay! Well, the best kind of internet - that is to say - extremely fast 1000mbs of speed ( no lie kiddies last test was 938.56 mbps) and, YET, I can't use it all day long! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What?

Nope, I cannot - you see - I still have no electricity. So...needing electricity to run the modem/router I borrowed a 3rd generator. ( I borrowed one, which was then given to me by a very generous person - which, sadly, does not work - I did not know that at the time I brought it to my abode). A part broke while preparing to start it - I replaced the part it still does not work. I borrowed a different larger (much larger) generator and it started great - and - then, suddenly, the internet installation did not work out. (I had to cancel) So...I gave that one back. Now a few weeks later - they were scheduled to come and I borrowed another generator - which works - and voila had internet installed. I ran the generator and used the internet, calling a few people - who did not answer - so I left no message! Didn't want my first call from my cabin to be to a machine. I was, however, lucky enough to reach my dear friend Joseph. We had a fun conversation and then, I did some research on the internet, made another call to a merchant from whom I hope to procure some building supplies and then, came down to vote. All the while the generator was working and supplying power. Not very efficient and quite noisy - SO - I will be working towards replacing it with something much more quiet as well as hopefully getting my recently acquired 6volt batteries ( another very special story) up and running with the appropriate adaptors etc. So... I can only use a generator to charge the batteries - not the run the whole system.

Speaking of systems.

Someone suggested that I start an amazon wish list. It worked last year for the radio station - I'm thinking about it. I'll certainly keep you posted. There are many purchases being made and some help would be very welcome. We shall see how it all works!

The next step I'm taking this week - after I get some other supplies - will be insulation for the ceiling. See above? Yep, no insulation - so - it can and does get cold unless the fire is going very well, which of course, with this kind of stove - does not always occur. Therefore, I awake twice a night with a cold nose - nasu friddu - and have to stoke up the embers, replenish the wood and quickly retreat to my cocoon (a Brazilian hammock). Installing insulation in the ceiling - WILL - make a great difference. Yes, I will still have to install it in the walls and under the floor - however - as I've come to understand, all things in their time.

So, from Grafton Market - where I retreated to charge up my computer and create this blogpost - I wish you all a pleasant evening. And gently suggest the following:

As you are washing your dishes - notice how easily the water flows - as you check your thermostat to see why you feel a slight chill, marvel at how easily the heat turns on as the device sends a signal to the system, As you boil water, as you take a shower, as you turn off your lights and turn others on - be at peace and gratitude. For you are snug in your home and all things work. This is not true of many around the world - (even those who are not forced to watch their world burn down around them). And, for the most part, it's not true for me either - however - I promise you I'm delighted with my present life.

I am charmed beyond previous imagining. The peace and joy and gratitude I feel each day are so special and I hope in my small way I can transmit some of it to all of you. The comforts I once took for granted are very appreciated and the lack of them diminishes nothing.

We/you are all deeply blessed. All we have to do is stop and allow that truth to be in our hearts. I promise, you can do it. Until I have the great fortune to communicate with you all again, have a wonderful time.

Safe travels Joseph, talk to you soon!

Thank you all for being with me here. Thomas

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1 Comment

Joseph M Russo
Joseph M Russo
Jan 14, 2020

Another wonderful post Thomas....thank you. It sounds like your evening and/or morning "gratitude prayer" has much to include within it.......your post reminds me that it is so important for us to be grateful for what we have (...rather than focusing on what we do not have) each day it is a good idea to say a "gratitude prayer" to express our appreciation for Life's many special gifts.......and there is no question that your cabin and its surrounding woods help you do just that......truly wonderful........ :)

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