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Days for David

We are all facing a very strange time indeed, are we not? So many scurrying about, worried about infection, employment, kids, pets, relatives, food, how to change our lifestyles - clean, clean, disinfect and clean again.

Are there paper products today? Is there alcohol, how about sanitizer how about wipes? So much, and so many things to think about and fix. I went into Chester today and purchased an adequate supply of fuel for my chain saw - projecting that during this time I will be processing next years fire wood - it will have a nice time to dry 6 or 7 additional months. And, bought some supplies for some other projects - all I truly need is lumber - some for the ceiling and some for the walls. It will all happen during it's own perfect timing.

I am also helping some elderly people around town - with their computers and smart phones. Also, lending a hand with firewood when needed. Well, while I was at one person's house - the phone alerted me to a what's app text. It was a friend telling me that a mutual friend had died.

David Thomas, above in a picture with his beautiful granddaughter, passed away suddenly sometime between Sunday and Tuesday. He apparently left this plane while he was sleeping. He was 64 years old. What a fabulous guy he was. I met him this summer as part of a group of people who gave me some grounding on this side of the Green Mountains - and enthusiastically helped me out in many physical and spiritual ways as I manifested my cabin. David was a part of that group for quite a long time. Many years, in my estimation. And, although he was someone I've only know for what - 8 months? - his death has had a serious effect on me.

There is no COVID 19 reality here - at least not apparently - and if there is I will let you know. My point in bringing this up is simple - someone said to me today - "death happens all the time - we only pay attention when it's someone we know".

My friends, as we are stopped - let us use this time wisely. Sometimes it means playing with the kids. Sometimes it means agreeing with someone else's ideas. Sometimes it means letting go of being right or wrong and just being. Sometimes it means to smile for no reason - sometimes it means to appreciate all that there is around us. And, some times it manifests as - what are you worrying about?

Monday night, during our latest snow storm, I went into town, did some chores, practiced a bit of piano, filled water jugs. As I was leaving taking the mountain dirt roads to my cabin I realized I didn't have my wallet. UH OH, there it was - fear - and that doubt - what did I do - did I lose it. Did I leave it in the snow? etc. etc. etc.

While coming down I had stopped to clean off the headlights - I hadn't done a great job before I'd left. Then, as I was returning I returned to where I originally stopped and searched for my wallet - Did if fall out here? No, it wasn't there. Well, instead of going back to town, I still continued home and reached there climbing my rutty and snow laden drive way. Well, I got to the cabin and opened the door - BAM! I pile of snow fell on my head. JUST LIKE THAT. WHAT? I yelled and went inside - and spied my black quilted jacket. - there in the pocket was my wallet. I stepped back outside and relived myself of all the snow as I started my generator.

Suddenly I said out loud - "you covered me in snow to tell me something - STOP WORRYING! HAVE FUN! Everything is fine - and there's your wallet" HA!

Now I wonder if it wasn't David who caused the snow to fall. He would have loved this story, especially the part about me getting hatted - and I'm not exaggerating - with snow.

My last post as you know, was entitled Six Days For Thomas - now this post is about David Thomas. Still - in it's own way - giving us an opportunity to continue to see the crumbs left showing us the way to accepting that we are, indeed, all connected.

Thank you David for appearing in my life - for being so generous - for laughing so much - and for bringing all that you did into the world. I'm very happy you got to be with your granddaughter and your family in N.M. The last time we hugged, as you departed last fall, you said to me "we have such a future together". Yes, we do :-). Happy Trails...

Até logo rapaz!

Thank you all, as always, for being here with me. Thomas

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