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A Message After Surgery

Tomorrow morning I will have my second hip replacement surgery. It's time for my right hip to be replaced and I am quite excited that the time is here. For tomorrow's blog, pending enough time in today's preparations, I will post what I wrote on the day of the surgery. A bit of a description of the events if I remember. Anyone who's had hip replacement surgery has had these experiences, in theory at least.

When I was wheeled upstairs from post op recovery I was finally settled into bed and looked at the door that was facing me. It was the door to the bathroom. it didn't take me long to see what was there to see and I exclaimed ..." The old gods are here with me"... Yes, on April 14th and 21st and the 28th I had watched the first three episodes of Season 8 part 2. I was ready to watch the others in the comfort of my recovery cabin on the Race family farm and I was looking forward to it.

Here is the door as I saw it. I took the picture from the bed. Yes, I was taking Toradal which is an opium based anti-inflamatory and which does help with pain as well. And, yes, there will be those who speak of being affected by drugs. And, here is the door for all to see. Do you see the face? Can you understand why I immediately understood, the old gods are here with me?

This moment was very powerful indeed. And, given that i have dedicated the major part of my life to being an artist and expanding my abilities to perceive, it's not hard to understand that such things, once seen by me, are what they are, signs, symbols and most of all real.

In art, perspective is everything. Just as crucial and as life sustaining as breathing. Change your perspective, and one sees more, or less, it all depends, yet one certainly sees differently.

The Old Gods Are With Me, was a very powerful message which interestingly enough has carried me through ever since. What does this all mean? It means that I don't limit what God's expressive prerogative is. My job is to perceive and if I chose to bond with it. This one was quite easy.

I've seen many a door in my life as I'm sure that all of you have as well. I'm sure you've seen irregular or surprising patterns in all manner of things. However, I trust you can understand that within the time period of the last episodes of GOT and 2 hours or so post surgery, it was rather a special experience to see a face in the door. To immediately get that not only were the usual gods watching over me but even the "old gods" were there for me as well. God in all things? Such a silly question, is it not?

My intention here is not to preach simply to share. And, tomorrow, I will give you a more day to day description, at least in part of what I experienced. While some of you are reading it, I will be in surgery. Or upstairs having lunch or dinner, or if you read on Weds. afternoon, being discharged or arriving back where I'm recovering. In any case, as always, my deep hope is that you are all well and can join me here again, after this wonderful opportunity to have two good hips which no longer hamper my movements, but support all the wonderful activities I partake in.

Thank you all for being her with me. Thomas

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