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Welcome to RRMC - SCU!

Way too many words to write at 6am in the morning! Good morning my friends! How did you sleep is the usual question when greeting a person, especially in recovery. DID NOT! Now, it's easy to suspect the issue is with the hospital, but, it is not. It's with being uncomfortable, not being able to move or turn very much , without pain. No sleeping on one's side, ..."you have to sleep on your back"...which I don't do very well. And, a myriad of other issues, especially my ability to hear too well. So every noise becomes an issue.

That said my night nurse Nicole is just wonderful as are all the nurses here. And, they did all they could to make me comfortable. And, the cause of this sleepless reality it me, not them.

That's not to say that a rather mis-guided young lab tech came in to draw blood at 5:20.

Sorry my friends, there is no way to accept cheerfulness to draw your blood waking you up from the precious 2 hours and 20 minutes of sleep? (Last time I Looked at the clock it was 3a). That said, I was gracious, even asked a few friendly technical questions, but, UGH! Are you truly that insensitive? (This is policy NOT the person carrying it out).

That all said - I'm awake - and am awaiting breakfast at 7:30 then, OT at 9, then PT at 9:30. Which will not be pretty exhausted as I am. My only hope is to meditate if I can do that, successfully, then I should be good enough for PT. However, if my memory serves me the "2nd" day is fraught with interruptions, parades of people coming in and out. So, who knows.

Of course, then, there's the natural question - can you sleep at home? Not really. The same issue's in this situation any noise will wake me up as well as the fact that the soreness and the inability to get comfortable also makes it one great challenge. So, for the next days, I'll be sleeping as a cat. Here and there and eventually it will even out. Odd, though, sleep being the most important component to helping not to be able to sleep. And, yes, I will be taking melatonin when I go home, but, didn't truly hope the last time. We shall see :-)!

Other than that, I'm well, just a slight pressure from the toradol, opiate based medication for inflammation and it does help with pain. And, further, other pills here and there that they give one, none of them major however.

My view from my window, a lovely mountain right outside. I can't move enough to deal with the blinds, nor am I sure I can figure them out :-)! I've been royally treated and am deeply grateful for the great talent of the surgical team for this truly necessary surgery. I am equally as grateful for so many wonderful beings reaching out to me and offering much support and love. Thank You All! Of course, I'm tired, so I'll stop here. I'll be going home sometime around 5:30pm if my ride can make it here by then, and will be very pleased when I get home to hobble around with my silver walker. Be well! Thanks to all of you for being with me. Thomas

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