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The Lonely Cabin

Decades ago this cabin was built by a man who loved this land and wanted a place to be safe and warm. It was, of course, a hunting cabin, a spartan structure which was sturdily built and fused with the land and powerfully supportive ledge beneath it. All the creatures in the forest became aware of the new addition to the forest for the cabin had been placed in a very special part of the land. A knoll, raised above the surrounding area which was surrounded by trees of all kinds. Strong, imposing trees which were happy to welcome the cabin. Each year the season would come when the people would arrive and inhabit the cabin. Much love and joy flowed as they told stories and enjoyed their food and drink they'd all brought, the warmth of the little stove and the rest they would pursue as a preparation for the next day's hunt.

This rhythm went on for many years and the young cabin was proud to be a part of this sacred ritual of hunting and camaraderie. But, then something changed.

New owners came and started to add new structures to the property, as you can see, they are not the sturdiest of creatures however, eventually the cabin and the tents, cabin learned they were called, became friends. This friendship grew in the solitude that they all experienced. The new owners were snowmobile enthusiasts and the tents were there to protect them from the weather when the owners brought them. Yet more often then not the people came and went and their machines were part of this new system as well. So, the cabin and the tents spent much time with themselves and of course, the land and ledge and rocks and trees and creatures of the forest.

Each year was the same - the snow would come - then the people and their machines would come and they were jolly and always happy to be there. The new friends were always happy to see their arrival and they were also pleased to be of use. Awakened from their sleep, they know kept their owners warm and safe, the snowmobiles inhabited the tents and they felt new energy as they stood against the cold winds and snow piling up on their roof's as winter marched on. The frequency of visits was of course connected to the snow for the machines would not run without a substantial covering. Each year the amount of time they spent there changed and sometimes there was more than just play.

A loft was added so that the youngsters of the bunch could sleep just that much warmer.

And of course a ladder was required so they could access it. Many a cold night found the young one's happily warm, since heat rises and the adults sleeping below, smiled and added more blankets to their heap. All in all, their visits were filled with fun and frolic.

Yet, their visits were always short lived and the solitude and isolation returned.

The trees, being very close, were wonderful companions and the creatures of the forest as well, would come and play often. Yet, time and time again, the three structures, longed to be useful to be purposeful for more than . just seasonal activities, and then, things changed, again.

While the cabin and the tents were there on the land, a man was thinking and thinking of a cabin in the woods. This man had lived in many places, too many places in fact and he was tired and believe it nor lonely. In spite of being around many people and inspite of having many, many friends, he always felt that something was off. Then, life happened and through a series of seemingly non related events, the man moved to the state where the cabin and tents were and he started a new life. Of course, his idea of the cabin was even stronger now, however, it seemed, at times, as if it was impossible to accomplish. When his friends, his closest one's would ask him "what is it that you want?"...he would immediately reply - "a cabin in the woods". These few special friends didn't necessarily speak amongst themselves, however, knowing how simply the man lived, they thought it highly unlikely. Three years had passed from when the man had moved and on one cold December evening in 2017 the man was getting some extra food with which he planned to make a Christmas dinner for himself and an elderly friend. As he crossed the street in a crosswalk he was struck by a car. An accident -- and the man ended up on his back for two months. Many were scared for the man and yet, he was oddly calm about it all. Two additional years passed - the planet revolved around the sun and the seasons changed and flowed and many events happened. Each one, whether they knew it or not, brought a miracle closer and closer. You see, and then after 4, almost 5 years in his new home state he moved again, much closer to where this magical land was. Again his friends were reticent to believe him and many were chagrined at his decision. "You've built a life here, how can you leave?". The man had no real answer, except to say "'s time for me to live somewhere else, it's time for me to find my cabin".

And so he moved....Soon after, he spoke with professionals and amateurs a like however, no cabin made itself known. One night, while sleeping on a bed in a room that he was renting, within 10 miles of the cabin, the lonely man awoke and began to feel an energy. This energy disguised itself as worry, anxiousness, however, it wasn't any of those things. It was the energy of movement, of action as it were. The man picked up his computer and started a search on a place common for such searches called craigslist. There were many, many elegant and very expensive houses and of course, they was not possible. Then, there it was a photo of a cabin.

And the man sent an email. One thing led to another - days passed, conversations and emails and phone calls and advice and, and, and...Then, on the 5th anniversary of moving to this state, on the 3rd anniversary of his Mom's passing, on the 2nd anniversary (minus one day) of being hit by the car, the man bought the cabin.

And, along with the man came a car. A real mountain car, who was very, very pleased to finally have a home. One that reflected both the man's and the car's talents of living in the forest. Again, his friends were amazed - even newer friends were amazed. No one could truly believe it - the lonely man, who lived so simply and so outside of the " ways to success" had realized his dream.

And so, the wood stove burns happily now.

The trees surround the cabin protecting it and the man and the car and the tents and the cabin and the forest and the creatures have formed a family which brings them joy and happiness each day, each minute whether it be light or dark. For a very simple reason. The lonely man is finally home and both he and the cabin are lonely no more.

Thank you all for joining me here. More stories will follow. Please learn from our little story. All things are possible. Happy New Year.

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