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On The Farm Again...

It was not in my mind to return and stay at this paradise here on the farm, nonetheless I am. It was a joyous morning when I received the text inviting me to stay for 2 weeks and on Sept. 1st I came here and have been hearing doing some intense healing and work in this most deeply supportive environment. Sitting at this table on their lovely porch over looking the fields and the forest line it's a challenge staying as vigilant for I would not want to miss one of my wildlife buddies as they come out and graze.

Being on the farm is deeply special to me further, the invitation was equally as magical. It also came on the same day that I received an invitation to lecture at this current session of Sonatina's Piano Camp. For the last 50 years it has been a refuge and a place for great inspiration for pianists young and old and next Tuesday and Wednesday I'll be giving two lectures on each day. I'm very much looking forward to it. I'm sure it will be a blast!

I am also having a wonderful time doing the podcast over in Chester. Each week I drive east over mountains over Vt Rt 11 - which miraculously is being paved. Many roads around here are being paved - it's rather interesting how many roads that I regularly travel are being completely repaved. It can be a bit of a pain, but, I continue to have the talent of driving like a cabbie, which means - the idea of "ya can't get there from here" doesn't usually get it. Although, being that it's Vermont - I'm glad I have a 4 wheel drive vehicle with very good tires, cause - there are actually many fewer options. :0)!

Yes, that's a mushroom. Any chance anyone of you what kind? I steered clear of it - and it's brothers as I walked around the fields. And, speaking of fields, guess what came walking across the other day.

Yep, a flock of turkeys. For the second time in my life - I was washing dishes, looked up and there they were. Grazing across the field in the high pasture. They were walking in the opposite direction. I stopped washing, ran out the back door, kept the other cabin between us and snuck up besides a very large maple. Of course, in spite of my efforts, the lookout saw me, alerted the others and they did an immediate back face and went back into the woods. I'm know what they did, they just went around and exited a bit further down. They have many ways of getting around. It was fantastic.

Well my friends, it's time for me to stop. I should get some sleep, I've got some very long days coming up and I'll be up early hoping to finish the podcast so that I can post it tomorrow! I'll post the link on conductinglife's facebook page. Thank you all for being with me. Thomas

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