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Farewell Dear Tree

On the morning of May 8th I awoke to the sound of a chain saw and some large equipment. Since I was on a farm, I thought it was just the owner or his brother doing some daily chores, however, I was mistaken. I spent a bit of time in bed working on various computer projects and catching up with the morning's correspondence - and stayed there until 10:30 or so while the sound continued. I have to say that I'm not a fan of such sounds - if I"m not the one doing the cutting, especially when I'm trying to work. I slowly got off the bed, given I was 8 days out of surgery, and made my way to the front door where I saw the following.

Wow, this was a serious operation indeed. The farm's owner Mitch had told me he had to take the tree down since it was rotted in the center in spite of it's beautifully growing leaves, large girth and its statuesque appearance, he was certain it had to go. There are many, many large old trees on this farm and Mitch takes care of each one of them so I trusted his judgement. Still, I felt a twinge as I saw it being separated one piece at a time by serious experts.


Clearly the time had come for transformation - the farm was transformed because one of its majestic trees was being removed. The tree of course, was undergoing a transformation as it was being parted from itself and transported about 30 yards away where it had added to a wonderfully large pile of stacked firewood. It's reasonably sized non split trunk partitions and some very large trunk pieces have been put into place as they undergo the transformation to firewood to be used within the next 3 years or so.

Of course, there was something else while this was all happening. Little did I perceive that all the other trees on the 10 acres which house the pastures and the 40 more acres of forest, with a spring and woods and running stream, were aware of what was happening in their own way. I had heard years ago that trees were the closest to humans, spiritually speaking. Since that time a new field of scientific discovery has emerged - Plant Neurobiology. This new excitingly revelatory course of research continues to point out that we have a lot more in common with trees and plants than society believes. Scientifically the chemical and biological evidence may be new, but certainly indigenous peoples, shamans, naturalists and all categories of people have known about the magical connections of all things including themselves. It's gratifying to see that science, through quantum physics and now plant neurobiology is catching up.

One can see a future where greater respect, caretaking, appreciation and love is the rule towards our forests and plant life. Utilizing all that they have to offer us which, is much more than their marketable resources.

This majestic tree will warm this house in about 3 years.

I'd like to close with a simple quote:

" You may attach much of your birth, life, and death, but for Mother Earth, it is just a recycling process. Nature does nothing without purpose or uselessly" Aristotle

"The knowledge that is exchanged between trees can be viewed akin to the intergenerational passing on of mythology, language, or family stories, tribal information or spiritual teachings."

The quote directly above is an except from the webpage article entitled; Plant Neurobiology Shows How Trees Are Just Like Humans.

The link below will bring you to: The Philosophy of Plan Neurobiology: A Manifesto

Please do avail yourself of this information. It's brilliantly fascinating and I hope you both enjoy and marvel at what powerful implications lie within these pages. Thank you for joining me.

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1 Comment

Joseph M Russo
Joseph M Russo
Jul 11, 2019

Fascinating information about trees and their connection with us.....thank you! Joe

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