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Easter Week Realities

Yes, snow! Yesterday it began falling. Always a delight. I truly enjoyed myself as I walked in the woods, exploring - I found a spring - I found more healing entities and I harvested what mother birch has to offer me. I also cut wood - since I knew it was going to be needed. This week, I spent most of the time without heat. The mornings would find the cabin around 45 degrees and it was quite acceptable. No need to utilize my stove for heating and when necessary I cooked outside. Let's see, what else happened.

Ah, yes, I moved rather large rocks this week. Both of them were interferring with my landing. It's where I turn around - not a driveway you want to back down, the boulder pile is a problem. So, I got my two trusty crowbars, and my wheelbarrow and moved two very large ( for my single manual efforts) and moved them to delineate the space. I also utilized some stick crafted markers to avoid a mishap. (Don't want to bump into these rocks).

Rocks were actually too heavy for the wheel barrow so I used it as a skid and slid it across the dirt to it's position.

Making holes for the vertical markers now in place.

This weeks super moon brought me another fascinating reality. A text a week or so ago from my friend Cynthia brought me to a wonderful afternoon this week and a great surprise. Playing with two formidable german shepherds, fully grown indeed, having wonderful conversations with automotive master, Ron, and loading an entire trailer ( over 8ft long) of planks of all sizes and uncountable 2x4's has now given me enough lumber to make my deck. Which I will undoubtably make as fast as I can, as soon as we can navigate the mud to my landing! Can't wait. I wanted lumber, priced it out - upwards of 300 dollars and voila - not exactly new - but, much of it quite intact and adequate. One more gift from the universe.

There have been many and will continue to be more, no doubt and no matter the form, I am so incredibly grateful much of the time. Lightness is the word of the day, the old heaviness is there and utilized only when required. Most of the time, I'm just having too much fun, doing, what appears to be nothing and is anything but. Walking in the wood yesterday, exploring, discovering, and drinking a tea brewed from those efforts, brought me wonderful joy coupled with enormous admiration for the way the forest welcomed me and unfolded without hesitation.

Of course, this being Holy Week, I can't help but reflect on the myriad of Easter services that I was in charge of. Reminiscing reminded me of the parked church parking lots at St. John the Evangelist in Mahopac, NY, where I continued my liturgical education as a member of the choir and assistant to Mr. Readyoff, our music director and frankly, to the screaming and swearing parishioners as they fought each other to leave and continue with their Sunday or Holy day activities. It occurred to me that none of you will be having that experience tomorrow. You are all limited to worshipping in new ways. What does that mean? Well for one, you can reflect on what worship, church, forgiveness, redemption, sacrifice and hope all represented and will represent in your future as things change. Keeping in mind that some of us could even not be here when that time comes, may, perhaps get you to take this seriously and realize that your seeking "NORMAL" is not only a waste of time but, not truly desirable.

Meanwhile, I'm off to rehearse for tomorrow, oh, yes, that's me - I sang Come My Way, from Vaughn Williams' Five Mystical Songs and tomorrow will sing Love Bade Me Welcome from that great work. Accompanying me will be the highly gifted pianist, organist and music director Ken Olsson. It's been such a delight singing again and working with Ken. I very much look forward to it, and frankly, I do it out of the great gratitude to all concerned who allow me to practice on that lovely piano and continue my growth as a musician.

To all of you Happy Holidays and more, happy discovering the land least discovered, yourselves!

Thank you, as always, for being here with me today. Thomas

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